SMS del santo: "Ricorda la peccatrice perdonata, il figlio prodigo festeggiato e scorgi tu stesso quanto è vero che Dio perdona". (don Luigi Guanella)

martedì 8 maggio 2012

No greater love - Rachael Lampa

"Nessuno ha un amore più grande di questo: dare la sua vita per i propri amici." (Dal Vangelo di Giovanni)

Before I knew your name
You knew my every breath
Before I found my way
You knew my every step
Before I knew everything that I need
You gave it all to me

No greater love than this
That you should lay down your life
For someone such as me
I'd spend a life time wondering why
The beauty of heaven is here in my heart
And I know there can be
No greater love
Than this

I never understood
How mercifull love could be
Untill I felt His flame
Light every part of me
And I would give everything that I am
Cause I have been saved
Yes I have been saved

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