SMS del santo: "Ricorda la peccatrice perdonata, il figlio prodigo festeggiato e scorgi tu stesso quanto è vero che Dio perdona". (don Luigi Guanella)

venerdì 4 dicembre 2009

Dreams come true (Dal Salmo 125) - Gen Rosso

"Ogni uomo vedrà la salvezza di Dio." (Dal Vangelo di Luca)

There was a time when we were apart from you
our hearts were living in pain
our souls thirsting, thirsting day and night.
We were searching in despair,
walking through the hills,
waiting for the dawn.

How much longer, will we ever see the light?
This journey’s leading nowhere.
We kept marching, longing for our home.
Then we heard your voice
speaking loud and clearly,
Our hearts were filled with joy.
Then you brought us back together to our home,
just like a dream.

Dreams, dreams come true. (3)

You have done great things for us and we are glad.
Restored our fortunes again
like a stream in a far away desert.
You were always near, waiting to be found,
a pearl among the sands.
Like a shining star above that guides the way,
just like a dream.

Dreams, dreams come true. (3)

Dreams, dreams come true.
You brought us back (3)

Dreams, dreams come true ...

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